Creating a Ceremony Focal Point at Weddings

 Hi, I’m Vee, and I’d like to talk to you about getting the best out of your special event. Nearly every event needs to have a focal point.

I consider this in our styling design process, and I’m also very pleased to give tips to our DIY customers.

Let’s start with creating a focal point for a wedding ceremony, and then I’ll look at other events in our next post.

Of course, we know the focal point is the bridal couple.

All eyes will be on them and where they stand when the ceremony actually takes place.

The wedding couple usually have the exact point in mind for the ceremony: before a gate in a vineyard, below a beautiful eucalyptus tree, in front of a stunning beach view, or in a lovely venue space.

Arbours are very popular at this focal point and I recommend these if you like them to enhance the view and draw the eye.  However, depending on the backdrop behind the couple, sometimes an arbour can actually block the view you specifically chose. There are other options such as pedestal stands, pillars, or vase and/lantern arrangements that sit either side of the couple and leave the view unencumbered.

Let’s highlight the main elements needed to make the ceremony focal point work well:

  • the officiant’s needs, usually at least a table and two chairs for signing the wedding certificates. Where are these best placed for the guests to be able to watch?
  • key moments in the ceremony: walking down the aisle, the vows, the kiss.
  • chairs for guests: will all guests stand, older or less able ones need chairs, or will all guests be seated? What is the best seating arrangement? How far will guests be from the ceremony? Do all the guests have a good line of sight to the ceremony? Can they hear everything? Great-Aunty Margie won’t want to miss a thing.
  • flower arrangements work at drawing the eye to the focal point (lining the aisle, beside the couple).
  • microphones and other sound equipment.
  • photographs and videos: identifying other spaces to take photographs and video of the wedding party and families.

An arbour frames the image beautifully and makes formal and casual poses look fabulous. Guests often want to take their own photos, and these are a great resource for the wedding couple.

A furniture statement piece can become another focal point for images. We’ve used a traditional couch in a forest for pictures of the wedding party and found the contrast between nature and a formal piece of furniture was stunning.

I use our expertise and think through every detail from all the angles. It’s not just about hiring our collection, it’s about using the ceremony focal point to the best advantage to make the event run smoothly and make it fabulous.


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