Creating a Ceremony Focal Point at your Birthday Party or other Event

Creating a Ceremony Focal Point at your Birthday Party or other Event

Hi, I’m Vee, and I’d like to talk to you about getting the best out of your special event. Every event should have a focal point. We look at this in our design process, and we’re very pleased to give tips to our DIY customers. (I’ve discussed a wedding ceremony in a separate post so please have a look at this if you’re planning a wedding.)

Most of the other events we plan, including a birthday, engagement party, wedding proposal, etc have a formalish element, a bit of ceremony. At some stage there’ll be a speech or speeches, and guests will be listening, and some replying.  So the first thing to consider is where it will take place at the location. This will be the focal point for the event. It makes for a great photo back-drop, too.

All eyes will be on this, so we need to make it special, beautiful. We want guests to remember that focal point every time they recall this special event.

An arbour can draw the eye and set the space. Or we can build layers of smaller decorations to create the focal point.


Once you have your focal point then you need to consider where the guests will be when the speeches are happening. Will all the guests gather and stand at the focal point? Even if so, some older or less able ones may need chairs if the speeches take a while. How do you plan for this — ahead of time or on the spot?

Or are you planning to have your guests remain in their initial seats and listen? If so, you need to consider whether they'll need to turn their heads and/or bodies to the speakers, and whether they have a good line of sight to the speakers. And will they be able to hear easily? All this affects the choice of seating (chairs, lounges) and how they're grouped.

We consider flower arrangements or lights or decorations leading the eye to the focal point, and others at heights where they don’t impede line of sight.

At the focal point, microphones and other sound equipment are usually crucial. It’s disappointing if the speeches are great but half the audience can’t hear them.

We also address how the space can be used during the event for photographs and video of the wedding party and families. Whatever the focal point is, it can do double duty, available before and after the speeches for photo opportunities.

Quite often, after the speeches, the guest of honour cuts a cake so a table at the focal point can also be very useful.

We use our expertise and think through every detail from all the angles. For us, it’s not just about hiring our collection, it’s about using the focal point to make the event run smoothly.

Just ask us — any time. We're here to help!

Cheers from Vee

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Thanks for this advice, very useful, I’ll be coming to you to plan my 70th party!

Susan Rintoul

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