Seat Heights are Important

 Let’s talk about the heights of different seats in our Minty collection.

Many customers like the idea of mixing and matching pieces with a similar colour palette. But, when it all comes together, some guests might be sitting on a low bench while others are in a higher, more formal chair and it can be awkward if they want to talk to each other. Lounges may be a different height again.

While many of our customers want a special chair for their sweetheart or head table, upholstered chairs are often too low to work at a traditional dining table.

We have an easy solution — just talk to me or my partner Kate about your proposed chair and table combos.

I’ll talk you through your special event and look at how the guests will flow, where they’ll naturally sit. I’ll advise you if your choice may result in awkward chair heights in groups. I’ll suggest different combos or different seating choices.

If we're delivering the furniture, we can arrange it in the best groupings.

We’re here to help you make the most of your event so guests can relax and talk to each other easily.

So please ask us — any time.



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